FAQ's and Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I combine discount codes?

NO, only 1 code is allowed per Template Banner.

I'm looking for a certain piece of Art and you Don't have it.

You would need to Order a Custom Banner.

We probably do, or can get it. In our Art Sections look in Misc.

If your looking for a certain character, look in Cartoons or Movie Themes.

Looking for a certain fruit, like a Grape, look in our Fruit Section, etc......

How Long do Banners Take to Make?
Banners usually takes 2 to 3 working days.

How Much do They Cost.

Print Template Banners are $94.99 plus tax.

Custom Banners 119.99 plus tax.

Fabric Banners $119.99 plus tax

Photo Banners start at 99.99, with other fees

Pennants are $15.00 each plus tax, 5 Piece min.

8 or more are $13.00 each plus tax.

Soccer Pennants are $15.00, 5 Piece min. plus tax.

What's The Size of your Banners / Pennants?
Fabric Team Banners are 36" x 60",  Made from 100% White Polyester

Print Vinyl Banners are 36" x 60"

Triangle Pennants are 20" x 20"

Home Plate Pennants 16" x 16"

Soccer Shield Pennants are 14" x 18"


We ship all Orders ground UPS for 16.00.  Southern Cal normally 1 Day. Northern Cal normally 2 Days. 3-5 Days for outside of California.

We can not ship to a PO Box.

Can I place my Order Over The Phone?

Sorry due to the mis-spelling, from over the phone orders, we can not take them.

All orders must be placed Online with our Secure Order Form.

How Do I Place An Order?
Please click on the link "How to place an order"

What goes on my Template Banner?

All the Elememts from your Template banner, remain the same, we just change the color and Team info.

What goes on my Custom Banner?

You pick all your elements.
Team Name Font, a Main Art, a Background, a player Names Over Design,We add all your team info, coaches, team parents, sponsors and team

How Do I hang my Banner?

For Baseball/Softball we add grommets and Hooks on the banner for free. For Soccer we sell pole kits so you can attach the banner to that.

Pole Kits?

Not Available for this Season, due to higher cost of material.

What If I Don’t Have Player Numbers Yet?
If the numbers are the only thing you're waiting for, place your order to make sure your order will not be delayed. It is better to have a
banner with names only.

Can I choose different hair colors for each girl on my Pennant Order?
No, sorry it's one design and we only use 1 hair color, normally lt brown, unless specified.

Can I Use My Own Artwork?

For Digital it has to be a clean image, not taken from the internet, ( images are about an inch tall)

When we try to blow it up it will get pixilated. (blurry / fuzzy)

What Paint Colors Do You Offer?

For Digital Print we try and match the best possible Color. On-Screen and actual print varies.

Can I See A Proof Of What The Banner Will Look Like?

Yes, proofs are sent for all Digital Print products, after payment has been made.


I don't have a credit card, can I send you a check.

Yes, Check or Money Order. Please note that in your order.

Make it Payable to Rebel Sports.

Can I Remove A Name from a Banner?
Sorry but No, We can change a spelling error. For Example fixing Micheal to
Michael with a Decal for $7.50

Can I send The Banner Back For Changes and Add-ons

No, For Digital Print we can make a decal with the correction, you can just apply this to the fix and the decal will blend in.

There is a 7.50 charge for the decal, for add-on or corrections.

What if you made the Mistake?

If we made a mistake, then we will send you the decal for free.

Can you custom make Decals for our Team.

Yes we can, however there is a Minimum for Custom Orders.

Do you give a discount on multiple orders?

Sorry due to the banners being custom, we charge the regular price.  We do offer a group order for Leagues,

where we donate back to the league an X amount of money per banner ordered and paid.

Any other Questions, please, call and ask.

714 541 - 1333