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Please read all below information and policies!

Emails and Responses:

You should instantly receive an automated email response - sent to the email address you listed on the order form

Your order will be attached to that email for your review

If you do not receive that automated email, then two things could have happened: 

    * the email address was typed incorectly on your order form

    * the email may have been sent to your Spam/Junk or Blocked folder

(If you have spam blocking you may need to add our email to your trusted list: or you may not get your banner proof as it is a big file and may get flagged as spam)

Once your order has been reviewed by us, you will then get a second email as your confirmation

listed with your total and it might contain questions/concerns that we may have regarding your order

Allow 24-36 hours to receive that confirmation email durning busy banner seasons!


Once we send your Confirmation email with a total,  your order will be processed and charged!

We do not complete any banner/pennant proofs without payment, as each order is custom and takes alot of time to customize for you.

If you are paying by Venmo/Invoicing/PayPal - Please know we will not start on your order until payment is recieved.

All orders are custom and you do have a basic idea of what we are designing for you by what you picked and saw on our website.

Like all people who create custom orders, we will not take the time to complete the order without you willing to pay for the order.


If you need to cancel your order please do so right away.

There is a cancelation fee of $25 for all orders that are NOT canceled PRIOR to receiving your emailed proof/layout

As we took time away from other orders to complete your proof

(we go by our emailed recorded date)

For all Digital print orders:

There will be proof/layout, of your order, emailed to you prior to us printing for you to review

We will not print until you have seen the proof and email us "approved to print"

At that time you can also send us corrections and minor changes

Time Line:

Most orders are completed within 3 - 5 days

(quick approval to print = quick turn around)

Proofs can take 2 days for completion and to email

We prioritize all orders by Due dates during the busy Soccer or Soft/baseball seasons

There are NO Same day orders (proof, print and ship in less than 12 hrs)

For Rush Orders we require at least 24hrs for completion and to ship

No ASAP orders or back dated orders - they will be marked with a later date


UPS Ground shipping normally takes 1 day to ship to So Cal / 2 days to ship Nor Cal / 2-3 days for AZ

Due to packaging size (36x4x4) overnight orders can cost $65 and above - we can check UPS for pricing

Pick up orders are only on Thursdays and Fridays

If you orderd a Flag or Fabric specialty banner:

These are sublimated orders and take longer to complete

We will email with a proof of your order, normally the same day

Once approval to print is given - it can take up to 7 days for completion

Orders received after 9 pm go in with the following days orders

We may work late, all night and weekends at our discrecion

durning busy season but our business hours and days are

Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm

Please remember to check your emails

Here is a List of prices for the various items we offer shown with tax included

(for reference purpose only)

Template print banner $102.35

Custom print banner $129.29

Fabric Banners $129.29

Pennants - Triangle/Home Plate  $16.16 each (less than 8) ($14.01 each for 8 or more)

Pennants - Soccer Shields   $16.16 each

Mini Banners $5.40 each

Shipping Charges $17.00

Only If you entered the discount code - Template Banner is $91.58


Thank You  RebelSportsFX

Contact us for any questions:   714-541-1333    or email us at:

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